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December 29th. Leave comment at Facebook
Gentle Giant
For 6 years, I've read a great deal of comments about how a parrot changes when it reaches maturity. How it becomes difficult to handle. How it shows aggressive tendencies. How it misbehaves. How it bites! How many get rid of their parrots at this stage. In fact, far more negative than positive comments. 
Dino moved into maturity a month ago, and far from being any of the above, we have moved to a whole new level of understanding. 
If I were to put it into words, its as if our relationship has come into focus and we understand each other much clearer now. To be honest, I'm not at all surprised. Most people wish their kittens and puppies wouldn't grow up so fast. Me, I can't wait until they grow up and show their true personalities. Dino has changed, but all I see are positives. He's as playful as ever, but in a controlled, not awkward manner. He's more responsive than ever, not less as many say theirs become at maturity. But above all, for the first time in 6 years, he is showing me why his species are referred to as 'Gentle Giants'. He is being remarkably gentle, so much so, I trusted him to hold my lip with his beak for the first time ever yesterday!
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December 27th. Leave comment at Facebook
A treat for Dino
I was stood looking at Dino's 3 year old Tropical almond tree, wondering if it will ever bear fruit, when to my delight, I spotted 2 almonds in the making! I checked the rest of the tree, but alas, they are the only 2 on the whole tree! Won't be much of a treat for Dino, he can happily munch his way through dozens in one sitting, as the nut is about an eighth the size of a 'proper' almond.
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December 26th. Leave comment at Facebook
The unknown vine
Not content with eating the Mexican flame vines back to stumps, now Dino has discovered another vine I planted, is scrumptious too! No idea what the vine is called, but am told Belizian kids eat the stems off this one, just as Dino is doing.
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December 25th. Leave comment at Facebook
Merry Christmas
A house on the bay in Corozal Town, in northern Belize.
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December 23rd. Leave comment at Facebook
Dino's bed
This is where Dino sleeeps at night. On a branch hung from the ceiling, with a Keel-billed toucan for company.
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December 22nd. Leave comment at Facebook
I put the dome head on the fountain. I love the way it reflects the sky, but had a surprise when a few gusts of wind blew through and it suddenly took on crazy jellyfish shapes. 
Turns out yesterday's bird was a female Scarlet Tanager.
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December 21st. Leave comment at Facebook
Bathing beauty
Don't actually know what this little birdy is, but he came to take a dip in the pond this afternoon.
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This blog is about Dino and our lives in Belize. It will also be about the many species of birds that come to visit Casa Dino, like Toucans and Amazon parrots, with some insights into Belize thrown in for good measure. Actually, it could be about anything.
Dino is a Green-winged Macaw (Ara Chloroptera), the 2nd largest flighted parrot, native to South America. Only the flightless Kakapo from New Zealand, with a larger body mass and the Hyacinth macaw are larger. The Green-winged macaw is often referred to as the 'Gentle giant', referring to their gentle nature compared to many of their smaller counterparts. I am Gary, native to England.
In case you are wondering how Dino got his name, its because a friend, who had two Blue-and-yellow macaws (Blue-and-gold as they call them in aviculture), said Dino looked like a Dinosaur when he sat alongside them, both for his substantially larger size and his not so graceful, as dinosourial stance. The second he said it, I knew had the perfect name, because Dino just happened to be my favorite character from the Flintstones too. Dino was born on June 1st 2008.  Dino, Sol and Luna
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