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I've decided not to continue with the blog. Its only getting one or two visitors a day, and both of those visit my FB page, where I will continue to post as usual. I'll be gradually turning this into a photo gallery and info site and will post at FB where there's new stuff.
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December 15th.
Best of Dino - Dino enjoying the rain
I swear Dino was a duck in his last life. Where there's water, there's Dino!
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December 14th.
The gates of hell
Its been dropping down to 60F (16C) at night, for the last few nights, so I decided to get Dino a heat lamp to keep him warm. Not a good idea! I caught his first reaction on camera of "OMG! The gates of hell have opened", right before he took flight for fear of returning to whence he came, to torment me for the rest of my life, but which he doesn't want to go back to because he's too well spoiled on Earth with his servant at his every beck and call! 
Now to figure out what my little devil will find acceptable!
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December 13th.
Best of Dino - Dino washing the dishes
I only have to turn on the tap and Dino is there to help me wash the dishes, the walls, the floors and just about anything within a 10 feet radius!
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December 12th.
Best of Dino - Dino poolside
What more could a parrot want? Relaxing by the pool at a million dollar home. At one of Jim Voris's Friday happy hours, before he moved back to Miami and I moved to Cayo.
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December 11th.
Sexual maturity
The day arrived! I know for species like Dino, sexual maturity happens at around 5 to 7 years old. I've often wondered if certain things Dino has done have been a sign, but yesterday, I knew without a shadow of a doubt what he was up to. He tried to make love to his! 
I found it quite cute really, as he went straight for the throat with his beak, with a surprisingly gentle hold on my Adam's apple, and wrapped himself around my neck, so his body was behind my head and covered me with a wing, but I nipped it in the bud right away! My baby bug has become a man bug at 6.5 years old.
Don't have nor want to post an 'appropriate' photo, so today's is another of Dino's best. Him as a baby, long before he had such perverted thoughts! 
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December 10th.
Best bird sighting yet!
I know I said I was going to post best pics of Dino for a few days, but today its interrupted, because I am far too excited about what I saw yesterday, in the tree right next door. Nothing less than Belize's national bird, the Keel-billed toucan! 
I've had the good fortune to handle one at Belize Bird Rescue, which was wonderful, but to actually see one in the wild is an indescribable feeling. To transition from something so special,  you only ever get to see in photos and documentaries, to something that is real and right there in front of you, in its natural habitat (my habitat!), literally makes your heart sing with joy!
Not the greatest photos, but it was raining and the light was poor. But still a sight to behold.
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December 9th.
Best of Dino - Crying eyes
For the next few days, I am going to forrage through the countless thousands of photos I've taken of Dino and post some of the very best of them, starting with the one I posted above yesterday. 
I'll also be creating a permant gallery of these best photos. 
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In case you are wondering how Dino got his name, its because a friend, who had two Blue-and-yellow macaws (Blue-and-gold as they call them in aviculture), said Dino looked like a Dinosaur when he sat alongside them, both for his substantially larger size and his not so graceful, as dinosourial stance. The second he said it, I knew had the perfect name, because Dino just happened to be my favorite character from the Flintstones too. Dino was born on June 1st 2008.  Dino, Sol and Luna
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