I’m Dino the Green-winged macaw, or as daddy calls me “Big Red Bug

August 24th, 2016 (Started August 13th. 2016)

Please help feed me!

My daddy has hit a bump in the road. It’s been a very tough year for him. His work has not gone well and bills have been hard to pay. Now, the wonderful outdoor aviary daddy had built for me is starting to rot and there are no funds to repair it. And, I’ve not complained, but I’ve noticed that he’s having a hard time giving me the special foods that I favor.

Dino's hungryI gained fame (minus the fortune) when I was 2 years old with my (controversial) video ‘Dino’s Angry!’ which, to date, has had over 2.3 million views on YouTube. Non-parrot people viewed it as tormenting me. Parrot people know better. I’m 8 years old now. I’m well known on all parrot forums. Daddy spent countless hours finding out how to best care for me and, I have to say, we have the most wonderful relationship a macaw could ever hope to have with a partner. Daddy puts me first in everything. Truth is, there is always food on my plate, even when his is empty.

Few people would believe the fortune Daddy has spent on me. It cost him $10,000 US to bring me from Spain to our new home in Belize, Central America. He wanted me to be closer to my natural environment but in an English speaking country. My outdoor aviary cost a further $2,000 US, which he had to build, because our Belize house (Casa Dino) has a tin roof and if left in it by day, I’d be a funky roast chicken! Insulation is way beyond budget. In fact, he even bought the house for me, because it is just one big round room, like a giant aviary itself. He didn’t realize it would be like an oven by day.

We live basic – very basic, but happy together, but it has been too tough to handle for daddy and he needs your help. He’s proud and wouldn’t tell you this himself, so being the chatty thing I am, I thought I’d let it all out.

Please, help the most amazing daddy a parrot could ever have by sending a donation. His life revolves around me. In case you’re wondering why daddy doesn’t get off his ass and find a job, he applied for residency in Belize 3 years ago but still hasn’t got it and is not allowed to work without it.

MoneyGram To: Gary Scanlon, Belize Click here to send – If you use this, let me know you’ve sent something.
PayPal (Via a friend’s account, that I trust 100%) Ronnieluethy@gmail.com
Or you could mail a check/cheque to P. O. Box 34, Santa Elena, Cayo District, Belize, Central America. (We don’t have zip/postal codes) Please, be sure not to abbreviate Central America {coz your mail will end up in California!}

Raised: $470 – $300 USA. $100 Mexico. $50 Belize. $20 Canada. Thank you all so very much. You saved my daddy for me, and nuts are back on the menu! Happy, happy, flap, flap. 🙂

Here’s a whole load more videos of Dino